About us

In the olden days, Fagernes Campingpark was a field that belonged to Nes Farm. After the 2nd World War, there were basic types of camping enterprises in the area. Naturally, the field also had to be cultivated, reaped and harvested. The family at Nes Farm sold the camping ground in 1990. We, the Kroon family, have owned and operated the camping site since this time. During the 1990s, husband and wife Anne and Kees Jan Kroon created a unique camping site. Through hard work and careful thought they laid the roots of the solid company that Fagernes Campingpark has become today. Kees Jan, originally from The Netherlands, was a carpenter and wood carver, building several new cabins, a new bathroom/laundry facility and a new reception. His wood carvings have left a distinctive mark on Fagernes Campingpark. Anne is now retired but continues to dedicate many hours to working at the camping site. Their sons Ivar, Frans and Erik are the current owners of the camping site, although it is Erik and his partner, Kaja Funder Idstad, and their sons, Knut and Eivind, who are responsible for running the camping site.
We have taken on this task with much respect. We want the camping site to be continually developing, focusing on renovation, maintenance, service and quality. Fagernes Campingpark should be a place for everyone: families with children, hikers, pensioners and working people. Happy customers are our bread and butter and we take great pride in ensuring that, as our guest, you will be satisfied. Our goal is to be one of the leading camping site businesses in Norway and in 2010 we were voted ‘Camping Site of the Year’ by the Norwegian Caravan Club. We are very proud of this achievement!
You are most welcome to visit us!
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